Hemp & Tencel Medium Weight French Terry with Spandex(KT8108)

Hemp and Tencel® French terry fabric with added stretch is a versatile and comfortable textile blend. Combining the natural strength of hemp with the softness and moisture management of Tencel® and the elasticity of spandex, this fabric offers a plush, cushioned texture and a comfortable fit. The French terry construction provides a double layer of softness on the inside, while the exterior maintains a smooth finish. Ideal for casual wear, loungewear, and athletic apparel, this eco-friendly fabric is not only durable but also promotes a sustainable fashion choice. Its blend of natural and synthetic fibers ensures a balance of comfort, performance, and environmental consciousness.

  • Code: KT8108
  • 32%hemp/62%tencel/6%spandex french terry
  • Width: 155cm)
  • Weight: 270gsm
  • Piece dye

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