Hemp Fortex was founded in 1999 with the idea that textiles can be luxurious and high quality while simultaneously being sustainable and eco-friendly. Our products are created with the promise of innovation, performance, quality, and delivery. We call it conscience without compromise.

Our unique position as a vertically integrated manufacturer and converter gives us stewardship over every part of the process. We source the best and most environmental fibers, spin the highest quality yarn and knit and weave fabrics that are both fashion right and eco-friendly.

We work only with our own manufacturing facilities or facilities where careful audit, land standing relationships and our own QC staff insure that our strict standards are met. We use only EU approved dyes and chemicals in our dyeing and finishing and carefully monitor and control waste water.

Our new collections each season incorporate not only the latest trends but also the newest findings and innovations in low impact manufacturing. We also guarantee the highest quality of craftsmanship.

Originally based out of Qingdao, China, Hemp Fortex has now grown into a global enterprise. With employees and distribution centres all around the world, we ensure large scale production with bespoke customer service.

Knitting Facilities

Hemp Fortex has large knitting facilities with the ability to produce jersey, terry, pique, rib, and fleece, and much more — most of which are developed with hemp and organic cotton blended yarns. We also provide recycled poly and TENCEL blended textiles to provide an even further variety of options for our clients. With 30 sets of circulation knitting machines which satisfy the production of fabrics with 150”(150cm)and 175” (175cm)width, we have a capacity of 100-150 tons per month. For more detailed product information, please refer to our Collections section.

Weaving Facilities

Our yarn dying and weaving mill has a capacity of 350,000 meters a month. Equipped with 200 sets of top of the line weaving machines, we have the capability to produce fabrics with yarn counts between 11s to 60s. We also have stable suppliers for greige with which we purchase and dye with our own dyeing mill, to provide custom colour requests for our clients.

Garment Lines

With a capacity of 60,000~80,000 pieces a month, our Hemp Fortex garment production line can create any range of products including t-shirts, dresses, hoodies, bags, and more. Our garments lines employee high quality designers, artisans, and manufactures who produce top-quality pieces for your business.

At Hemp Fortex we uphold the highest of working standards and in fact, were the first member of the Fair Wear Foundation in China mainland— an independent non-profit organization that works with factories to improve labour conditions for garment workers, Fair Wear Foundation has 80 member companies and represent over 120 brands through seven European countries. Member’s products are sold in over 20,000 retail outlets in more than 80 countries worldwide. Furthermore, we provide the healthiest of working conditions with medical benefits, safety insurance, regular salary raises, vacation days, and community building.


In June 2013 Hemp Fortex founded Hemp Fortex Foundation. Lead by our CEO, the foundation aims to help those who have been affected with physical disabilities be able to afford their medical bills and day-to-day lives. The board consists of five employees from Hemp Fortex.

Hemp Fortex also participates in several other humanitarian efforts including garment donations to the Leprosy Project in Sichuan. As hemp is antibacterial, there are hopes that these textiles can assist those affected with Leprosy. For more information about the Leprosy project, please visit www.theleprosyproject.org

Certification Standard: OCS Standard
Label Grade :OCS 100
Certifying Institute: Ecocert Greenlife
License No.: 140081
Products Covered: Yarns, Fabrics and Garments contained 95%-100% Organic Fiber

Certification Standard: OCS Standard
Label Grade :OCS Blended
Certifying Institute: Ecocert Greenlife
License No.: 140081
Products Covered: Yarns, Fabrics and Garments contained 5%-95% Organic Fiber

 Certification Standard: GOTS Standard
Label Grade: 1.Made With Organic Material: 70%~94% 2.Made With Organic Material: 95%~100%
Certifying Institute: Ecocert Greenlife
License No.: 140081
Products Covered: Yarns, Fabrics and Garments contained 70%-100% Organic Fiber


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