hemp fiber fabric textile

Hemp Fortex was founded in 1999 with the idea that textiles can be luxurious and high quality while simultaneously being sustainable and eco-friendly. Our products are created with the promise of innovation, performance, quality, and delivery. We call it conscience without compromise.

Our unique position as a vertically integrated manufacturer and converter gives us stewardship over every part of the process. We source the best and most environmental fibers, spin the highest quality yarn and knit and weave fabrics that are both fashion right and eco-friendly.

We work only with our own manufacturing facilities or facilities where careful audit, land standing relationships and our own QC staff insure that our strict standards are met. We use only EU approved dyes and chemicals in our dyeing and finishing and carefully monitor and control waste water.

Our new collections each season incorporate not only the latest trends but also the newest findings and innovations in low impact manufacturing. We also guarantee the highest quality of craftsmanship.

Hemp Fortex has now grown into a global enterprise. With employees and distribution centres all around the world, we ensure large scale production with bespoke customer service.

LA Showroom Address:
127 E. 9th St, Suite 1102 Los Angeles, CA 90015

hemp fiber fabric textile

In June 2013 Hemp Fortex founded Hemp Fortex Foundation. Lead by our CEO, the foundation aims to help those who have been affected with physical disabilities be able to afford their medical bills and day-to-day lives. The board consists of five employees from Hemp Fortex.

Hemp Fortex also participates in several other humanitarian efforts including garment donations to the Leprosy Project in Sichuan. As hemp is antibacterial, there are hopes that these textiles can assist those affected with Leprosy. For more information about the Leprosy project, please visit www.theleprosyproject.org

hemp fiber fabric textile

Furthermore, we provide the healthiest of working conditions with medical benefits, safety insurance, regular salary raises, vacation days, and community building.