A 12-wale jacquard corduroy fabric intricately woven with hemp and Tencel® fibers offers a sophisticated texture and a visually striking pattern. This heavy weight fabric is characterized by its closely packed wales, which provide a rich, dimensional look. The incorporation of hemp lends the fabric a robust structure and natural durability, while the addition of Tencel® gives it a smooth drape and luxurious softness. The jacquard pattern adds an artistic touch, making this corduroy a distinctive choice for fashion-forward apparel such as blazers, dresses, and trousers that bridge the gap between comfort and style. With the eco-friendly credentials of both hemp and Tencel®, this fabric is not only a testament to innovative textile design but also to sustainable fashion practices.

HL4950  55%hemp/45%tencel square jacquard cordoroy 9.7OZS 56/57" (329g/m2,  142cm)

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