Hemp & Recycled Poly Heavy Weight Stretch Fleece (KF40E800)

Discover KF40E800: Sustainable Stretch Comfort


Explore KF40E800, our Hemp & Recycled Poly Heavy Weight Stretch Fleece, designed for sustainable stretch comfort. This fabric features a blend of 15% hemp, 83% recycled polyester, and 2% spandex, creating a heavy weight stretch fleece that is perfect for outerwear, activewear, and comfortable tops. The hemp provides natural breathability and durability, while recycled polyester adds strength and environmental benefits. The addition of spandex offers stretch and flexibility, ensuring a comfortable fit and freedom of movement. With a weight of 345 g/m² and a width of 175 cm, this stretch fleece offers excellent insulation and resilience, making it ideal for various applications. Perfect for those seeking eco-friendly yet high-performance fabrics, KF40E800 aligns with modern sustainability values in fashion.

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  • Code: KF40E800
  • Composition: 15% Hemp / 83% Recycled Poly / 2% Spandex
  • Weight: 345 g/m²
  • Width: 175 cm
  • Features: Heavy weight stretch fleece, breathable, soft, eco-friendly
  • Ideal For: Outerwear, activewear, comfortable tops

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