Hemp & Tencel Middle Weight Jersey (KJ8144)

Discover KJ8144: Eco-Friendly Hemp & Tencel Middle Weight Jersey Fabric


Introducing our KJ8144 Hemp & Tencel Middle Weight Jersey, a perfect blend of eco-friendly and performance-driven fibers. This fabric combines the natural strength and breathability of hemp with the luxurious softness and moisture-wicking properties of Tencel. Weighing 195g and measuring 155cm in width, this medium-weight fabric is versatile enough for year-round use, offering a comfortable balance between warmth and breathability.

Ideal for a range of garments, from casual wear to active sportswear, the KJ8144 fabric is a popular choice for consumers who value both style and environmental responsibility. Its sustainable credentials and comfortable feel make it a standout option for those looking to create high-quality, eco-conscious clothing.

Product Details:

  • Code: KJ8144
  • Composition: 55% Hemp / 45% Tencel
  • Weight: 195 grams
  • Width: 155 cm
  • Texture: Jersey

Experience the perfect blend of sustainability and performance with our Hemp & Tencel Middle Weight Jersey fabric. Ideal for eco-conscious manufacturers aiming to produce durable, attractive, and environmentally friendly garments.

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