Hemp Fortex

HP5813A Hemp recycled polyester spandex plain light grey


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Code: HP5813A
53%hemp/44%recycled poly/3%spandex
Width: 50" (127cm)
Weight: 4.7ozs/yd2(160gsm)
Color: blueblack
Price: US$8.95/yard

Grown since8000BC, Hemp is the first plant cultivated for textiles; Hemp is resistant to pests and grows too densely to permit weed growth so it needs no pesticides or herbicides, in fact no chemicals of any kind. It is the strongest natural fiber, naturally antimicrobial and resistant to UV. It is amazingly comfortable, breathable and cool to the touch.

Over 800 million tons of plastic bottles end up in land fill each year. Recycling the PET from plastic bottles into fiber not only reduces landfill, it causes far less air pollution than making new PET. Our recycled PET fiber is performance fiber; strong and durable, yet soft. It wicks away moisture and guarantees easy care. So reducing pollution is an easy choice.