Hemp, Organic Cotton, Yak Light Weight Stripe Jersey

Yak Fibre has been used for over a thousand years in particular parts of Asia and Mongolia to make luxurious but dependable textiles. Soft and fine, it’s warmth and exotic nature make it an excellent alternative to cashmere. Found at high altitudes, foraging on scrub rather than grazing, the yak is a minimal land use animal and thus its diet doesn’t contribute to deforestation. It’s recent popularity in the contemporary garment industry reflects the markets desire for more sustainable, high-end fabrics. When blended with Organic Cotton, Yak can be manipulated into very light to very heavy weight fabrics, all soft and luxurious to the touch.

  • Code: KJ35A810A
  • 4% Hemp / 85% Organic cotton / 11%Yak
  • Width: 61inch(155cm)
  • Weight: 4.1ozs/yd2(140gsm)
  •  Yarn Dyed 
  • Wash Care Label: Machine Wash Cold Gentle, Tumble Dry Low, Iron Low, Do Not Bleach, Wash Separately Or With Similar Colors
  • Shrinkage: -8%*-6%