Hemp & Organic Cotton Light Weight Twill Flannel ( GH4219Y-G01 )

Hemp blended with organic cotton flannel twill plaid fabric is a blend of comfort and sophistication. This fabric features a soft, warm flannel base with a structured twill weave and a classic plaid pattern. Its organic cotton composition ensures a natural, skin-friendly material that is also environmentally responsible. The twill's diagonal ribbing adds a subtle texture and a bit of stretch, making it perfect for a variety of garments. It's ideal for casual wear such as button-down shirts, skirts, and dresses. The plaid design lends itself well to autumn and winter collections, providing a cozy yet fashionable option for the colder seasons.

  • Code: GH4219Y-G01
  • 15% Hemp / 85% Organic Cotton twill flannel
  • Width: 55/56“(140/142cm)
  • Weight: 5.8ozs/yd2 (197gsm)
  • Yarn Dyed

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