Hemp & Organic Cotton Blended Cloth Mask - 12 Cloth Masks (Free Shipping )


Hemp Blended Cloth Mask

Price: US$79.8(Includes 12 PCS )

Crafted to CDC specifications for cloth face coverings to help slow the spread of COVID-19. These are not medical-grade face masks, and are intended for use by the general public when not at home.

Double-layered mask with space for a filter (filter not included, but here are some good tips for making one at home)

Made from hemp/organic cotton blended fabrics 

Size: Child / Adult 

Please specify Size , Otherwise Will be Sent Randomly.

Kind Remind: Owing to the rush of orders, some colors were sold out, we are keep stocking face covering with other fabrics,  so all colors will be sent randomly.

Colors on pictures is only a way to show the variety of our mask colors, please kinldy note we are unable to send the exactly same colors as they were out of stock already, and there is a possibility that we will send all in same color.

Thank you for your kind understanding in advance, please stay safe.

Further Questions About Face Covering, Please Email Us At info@bastine.com

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