Hemp, Tencel & Recycled Poly Mid-Weight Stretched Twill HP19338(HP58E338)


Hemp and Tencel® recycled polyester twill fabric is an innovative textile that combines the eco-friendly properties of hemp and Tencel® with the strength and durability of recycled polyester. This fabric is crafted with a diagonal twill weave, giving it a smooth, even surface with a subtle sheen, and a slight stretch for added comfort.

The hemp fibers contribute natural moisture-wicking capabilities and a sturdy texture, making the fabric resistant to wear and tear. Tencel® lyocell, derived from sustainably sourced wood pulp, adds a soft drape and excellent breathability, ensuring the fabric is comfortable next to the skin. The inclusion of recycled polyester enhances the fabric's resilience and reduces its environmental impact by utilizing recycled materials.

HP19338(HP58E338) 54%hemp/25%tencel/19%recycled poly/2%spandex twill  5.3ozs  46/47“( 117cm, 180g/m2)

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