Hemp & Recycled Poly Middle Weight Stretch Fabric ( HP4516Y-G09)


Meet our Hemp-Recycled Polyester Blend Lightweight Stretch Plain Weave Fabric, an innovative textile that combines the eco-friendliness of hemp with the recycled content of polyester and the flexibility of spandex. This lightweight fabric offers a soft, smooth touch with a slight stretch for added comfort. The plain weave design ensures a versatile and classic look, making it suitable for a variety of garments, from casual wear to active sportswear. The blend of hemp and recycled polyester not only provides durability and breathability but also aligns with sustainable fashion practices. Our fabric is a stylish and responsible choice for modern consumers who value both comfort and the environment.

HP4516Y-G09  52%hemp/44%recycled poly /4%spandex solid fabric   48/49"  5.0ozs (170g/㎡,  122cm)

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