Hemp & Recycled Ploy Heavy Weight Stretch Canvas HP19080(HP64E080)


Explore our robust Hemp-Recycled Polyester Blend Heavyweight Canvas, a durable and sustainable fabric crafted for demanding applications. This heavyweight canvas is woven from a blend of strong hemp fibers and recycled polyester, offering a sturdy texture with a touch of flexibility. Ideal for creating durable bags, upholstery, and outdoor apparel, it combines the natural benefits of hemp with the strength of recycled materials. The blend ensures a fabric that's not only long-lasting but also environmentally conscious, making it a smart choice for eco-aware consumers and applications. Experience the strength and sustainability of our Hemp-Recycled Polyester Blend Canvas, a fabric that's built to last and kind to the planet.

HP19080(HP64E080)  53%hemp/44%recycled poly/3%spandex canvas  47/48"  9.3ozs (315g/㎡, 120cm)

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